AAE, Inc. - Our Charter and Policies


 All excerpts are form the Bylaws of Anthropomorphic Arts and Education, Inc.



The primary objectives and purposes of this corporation shall be:

 a.    To support the arts so far as those arts may involve the subject areas of anthropomorphic animals or wildlife. Anthropomorphics is the practice of assigning human characteristics or motivations to animals both physical or mental.

b.    To educate the public regarding these arts as well as educating the public about anthropomorphic animals, wildlife and the environment.

c.    To support other organizations involved in charitable or educational purposes regarding areas of interest which impinge upon anthropomorphic animals and wildlife. Specifically, though not inclusively, those organization which educate the public about animals, wildlife, or environmental issues or organization which specifically deal with the care, mainetance and rehabilitation of such wildlife.

d.    To support public workshops and seminars which promote the purposes set forth above.

e.    To sponsor or participate in special events by other groups which will raise the awareness of the public as to the purposes set forth above.


      AAE is dedicated to being as open and honest with the public and with the fandom as possible. There may be contractual details that we are legally obligated not to divulge but AAE endeavors to keep those to a minimum. Towards that end, AAE, Inc. will publish an annual report posted via this website and available to the public detailing its financial status and health. The first such report is detailed below. Any special reports or bulletins related to each calendar years operations will also be published.


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