What Does AAE Do?



AAE currently has several activities that it undertakes each year. As AAE continues to branch out, this list will continue to grow.

Charitable Giving

Full details about our charitable benficiaries can be found on the Further Confusion website. However, over its seven year history, AAE has donated over $95,000 to various entities and invidiuals. These include, but are not limited to the following:

  • House Rabbit Society: $10,000
  • Wildcare: $10,000
  • Rattie Ratz: $2,000
  • Tiger Touch: $2,600
  • Comic Book Legal Defense Fund: $2,600
  • The Oakland Zoo - $3,620
  • The Barry R. Kirshner Wildlife Foundation - $3,620
  • Friends of the Sea Otter - $3,000
  • The Cartoon Museum of San Francisco - $3,000
  • Therapy Pets - $7,000.00
  • Coyote Point Conservation Museum - $1,500.00
  • Semoure Marine Science Center $3,000
  • Pets are Wonderful Support $3,000
  • Exotic Feline Breeding Center $5,000
  • Bay Area Bears/Good bears of the World $5,000
  • Wildlife Companions $10,000
  • Comic Book Legal Defense Fund $5,000
  • Friends of Lulu $5,000
  • Golden State Greyhounds $8,000
  • Stanislaus Wildlife Rehabilitation $8,000

Further Confusion (FC)

Further Confusion is an annual convention sponsored by AAE that includes charitable benefits, educational seminars, art shows, panels and general social activities. It was the first event sponsored by AAE and continues to be its largest.

FC2011 Chairman Bid Guidleines are now available. If you are interested in taking the helm of Further Confusion, please see the Bid Guidelines page.

Anthropomorphic Fandom Repository (AFR)

The AFR is AAE's newest venture. Just launched, AFR intends to be the best physical archive of published materials of interest to the fandom: comics, fanzines, written literature. For AFR's policies, it's catalog, and other matters of interest to it follow this banner:


FurDance: A Charity Benefit

AAE sponsors an annual charity dance/benefit for the young and the young at heart each year. A general social event used to raise funds for a specific charity, this event gives those folks interested in the fandom and their guests a chance to have fun, socialize, stay up way too late, and all for a good cause. Furdance '99 occurred last October. Furdance '99 benefitted Therapy Pets and raised $500 to be given to them to continue their worthy work. For information on the event, follow this button:



We could never do all this without the support of many many people. In particular the folks listed on our Patron's Dedication, have gone above and beyond in their support of AAE, Inc and its activities.