Anthropomorphic Fandom Repository



AAE's Charter:

AAE, Inc. is a charitable and educational non-profit corporation recognized as such by the Federal and California State Governments. This means that donations made to AAE are tax deductible. Part of AAE's charter is to encourage the education of the public as to things of interest to the fandom. This collection is squarely within AAE's chartered mission and it is glad to provide this to the public and fandom.

AAE's Commitment to AFR:

AAE has agreed to contribute somewhat over $1000 to establish the seed for this collection this year. In addition, AAE has made the commitment to give to the repository $300 a year for each future calendar year in order to enable AFR to maintain, expand, and fill in gaps in its collection. AAE will provide space for storage of the repository and control its maintainance and location.

AFR's Purpose:

This entity will create a single point outside of private collections to collect materials that will preserve the history and change of the fandom over time and will provide access to this collection.. At this time those materials included in the repository include: comic books, fanzines, APAzines, music, mini-comics, books and literature, convention program books, RPG games or other written materials of interest to the fandom. At this time AFR is NOT accepting portfolio's into its archives. The sole reason for this is that there are simply way too many portfolios in existance for us to establish a complete collection of them.  Once the AFR is under way and well established, this provision may be revisited.

AFR's Access:

AFR will make the repository available to the public at each annual Further Confusion. In addition, the repository will be made available to interested researchers and scholars on an appointment basis during the rest of the calendar year. Appointments must be made at least 1 week in advance. AFR will also consider traveling with the repository to other conventions and venues depending on if the costs of transporting the repository can be defrayed by interested parties.

AFR's Policies:

1. Content: AFR wants to establish a COMPLETE collection of all aspects of materials of interest to the fandom. Therefore, AFR will not censor any items in its collection except for those items that are illegal under federal or state law. AFR will maintain adult items in a separate collection and label them accordingly.

2. Subject Matter: AFR wants this collection to be geared towards anthropomorphic animals as completely as possible. This means that we will accept items that generally have anthropomorphic animal characters in them.  Simple items that have animals merely present in them (CD collections by pop artists that have a song that mentions a Badger in it as an example) are probably not suited for inclusion, though items with animals acting intelligently and as sentient beings Watership Down, et al.) clearly would.

3. Catalog Access: AFR will make a catalog available to the public via AAE's website of the materials currently in the repository. This catalog will be updated twice a year.  Lines of communication with  AAE and with the repository can also be found there (www.anthroarts.org).

4. Donations to AFR: In addition to the monies to expand the collection, AFR can accept donations to its collection. In fact, we encourage it. As the fandom continues to expand, donations to it whether in kind or in cash will help us keep the repository a living, breathing collection of items of interest to the fandom. Donations of such items should be (1) copy of the item donated. AAE will provide any required receipts for tax deductible purposes and will maintain a list of persons or organizations contributing to the collection and post it on this website. Donations may be mailed to:

AAE, Inc.
PMB 236
105 Serra Way
Milpitas, CA 95035

5. AAE will employ a volunteer librarian in order to facilitate the preservation, maintenance, and expansion of the repository.

The AFR Catalog: Right now we have our inventory up so that you can see what sort of things we are missing. Hopefully as we continue to grow this, we plan to implement a searchable database for all items in the Repository.