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Anthropomorphic Arts and Education, Inc., a 501(c)3 nonprofit

Have you ever wondered what it takes to pull together an event like Further Confusion? Do you think you have some expertise that would help out? Maybe you just want to learn more about how it all works? Maybe you have been on staff for a while and now you want a bigger role? If any of those things are true then consider joining the executive staff. Email: Chairman@furtherconfusion.org

Maybe you have thought of having an even BIGGER role someday, how would you like to be Chairman?! The AAE Board of Directors is currently accepting bids for FC2022 Chairmanship. See Submitting A Bid for information.

Anthropomorphic Arts and Education, Inc (AAE) is a non-profit 501c(3) corporation that supports educational and charitable activities of interest to fans of anthropomorphic art and animals in general. Anthropomorphic or "furry" fandom has been around for many decades now in its current form and the interest goes back many centuries to at least as far back as Aesop's fables. As the fandom has grown, an opportunity became evident to provide a more professional and broad based organization to support its many, varied activities. AAE is an institution that is trying to fill that opportunity.

AAE is involved with organizing conventions of like-minded people, educating the public and fandom on matters of interest to the fandom, and supporting charitable interests who charters align with its own. As AAE continues to grow, its activities will continue to increase, taking a larger role and helping to build the anthro community and the perception of it by the public through professionalism, honesty, civility...and fun.

AAE currently sponsors Further Confusion, an annual convention that raises funds and donations on behalf of worthy charities, conducts seminars, and provides a gathering place for the community of the fandom. Historically AAE has also sponsored the Anthropomorphic Fandom Repository, a library dedicated to preserving the history of and educating scholars about anthropomorphic fandom, and Furdance, a benefit dance benefiting Pet Therapy.

Please take the time to visit the remainder of our site with the triple-bar menu at the top left. And please take advantage of our affiliation with AmazonSmile to make easy donations to AAE and its mission.

We encourage feedback and you may reach us at info@anthroarts.org for any reason whatsoever including events or activities proposals, feedback on our current events, or just to say hello.

Anthropomorphic Arts and Education, Inc. has its own Quarterly meetings. The public is welcome to attend these meeting with an RSVP request to staff@anthroarts.org (purely for space limitations). There may be matters that require a closed session and the public or other AAE staff may be asked to leave if such matters need to be discussed.

Board meetings take place quarterly. For information about attending one, contact info@anthroarts.org.

For information about how to bid for Chairman of Further Confusion, or to express interest in executive roles at FC, please see our Submitting A Bid page.

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