Bid for FC

The bidding process for our flagship event, Further Confusion

As is our custom, Further Confusion's chairman will be stepping down after the current FC ends. This custom keeps fresh ideas and fresh approaches coming into Further Confusion, gives more folks the opportunity to give their input and dedication toward its improvement, and lets people grow into more demanding roles.

That means we will need a new chairman. Toward that end, we are posting our annual invitation for bids to be submitted to AAE for those who would like an opportunity to chair the next FC.

As of the 2013 year, AAE is now allowing the option of bidders to propose a 2-year run as convention chairman/vice-chairman in their bid, or bid for a second year during the next bid cycle. This will allow an executive team greater flexibility in implementing their ideas to improve the overall experience of Further Confusion for all.


1) What does this mean?

Each year, the chairman and co-chairman are replaced with new individuals. A chairman cannot serve as chair again for at least one year after they have completed their current term of one or two years.

2) What does being Chairman mean?

Being Chairman means long hours, a lot of your personal time and money, making a few enemies, making a lot of friends, gaining some respect, hopefully, and working hand in hand in managing a team of what is usually as many as 200 plus folks that make FC happen. Its not an easy job, but it is a fun and rewarding one.

3) What does AAE look for in a bid?

AAE looks at the dedication that an individual displays toward making Further Confusion the best anthropomorphic convention. It also looks for some good business judgement, enthusiasm, fresh ideas and at whether the individual has the resources to put together a staff. Residence in the Bay Area of San Francisco (within an hour or so drive of San Jose) is usually required of at least the chair.

4) What do I need to do to submit a bid?

Submit a written proposal to AAE. This proposal would include the following:

a) The names, addresses, and telephone numbers and some background information of 3 to 5 individuals who would be on the executive committee with the chair. Those positions typically include: Chair, Co-Chair or Vice-Chair, Business Director, Events Director, Operations Director, and Marketing Director.

b) A short essay/proposal written by you and your team expressing why you think you would be a good team, what you would do to improve Further Confusion, your teams qualifications, and anything else that you think we should be aware of. Experience in running conventions of this size is helpful but not required. Other members included in the bid should compensate for weaknesses in the Chair.

c) A 100 word statement of your team's feelings about the fandom. Its good points, bad points, and how you would deal with both.

5) What is the deadline for submitting bids?

The deadline for submitting bids is generally mid November one year prior to the bid year. For example, a bid to chair FC2024 which occurs in January 2024 would have to be received prior to January 2023, or more specifically November 15th, 2022. The deadline can be extended at the discretion of the Board depending on the number of bids received and other factors. Requests for bids are announced during the fall and winter public staff meetings however bids can be submitted at any time prior to the deadline.

6) What do I do with a bid?

All bids should be directed in email to

7) What happens after a bid is submitted?

The board of directors reviews all submitted bids.

Once the bids have been reviewed, additional contact will be made to conduct any telephone or in-person interviews required where the bid team can discuss their vision directly with the board members. During the bid discussion it is possible the board may suggest changes to the bid, if those changes are acceptable to all then the bid is considered to be amended as discussed.

No later than December 31 , 2022, the Board of Directors of AAE, Inc. will make their selection and contact the chair of the winning bid. The official public announcement of the winning bid and their executive team members will be made at a time to be agreed upon between the Board, the current Chairman of FC, and the incoming Chair.

The winning bid team will then start working to recruit staff, hold planning meetings with their staff, receive budgetary guidance from the board and generally execute on their vision of running the Further Confusion convention.

8) Questions and Comments

As always, questions and comments on the bidding process and deadlines can be addressed to at any time.